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About Paynet

Paynet Payment Services Provider LLC is a modern innovative company registered in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and provides payment services worldwide.

We Provide

  • Innovative, smart and efficient payment solutions
  • Commercial and customer service benefits
  • Customer call center and on-site technical support
  • Easy to use software and access to reporting system
  • Installation and online upgradation

Our Expertise Includes

  • 10 years of international experience with Service Providers from more than 130 countries
  • More than 60 successful projects for mobile operators worldwide
  • Established payment and money transfer system
  • Integrated with international payment gateways and banks (processing centers)
  • Developed software solutions for government organizations
  • 30,000 Payment Machines are running with our software including API, POS and Kiosks

Paynet Payment Services Provider LLC has the capacity to add as many local and international service providers to our network as necessary. We own and provide the software and all integration to the kiosks as well as the call center services & settlement to agents.

We have the following sales channels to meet all your needs:

  • PayBot
  • WebPOS
  • API
  • Kiosk Machines
  • POS Machines
Dmytro S.
Eugene P.
Eugene P. Head of the Logistic Department
Naveed K.
Naveed K. Head of the Sales Department
Tamara C.
Tamara C. Head of the Purchasing Department
Haris M.
Haris M. Head of the Support Department
Please contact us exclusively through the official support service at support@paynet.one or sales@paynet.one to ensure security and efficient interaction.

PCI DSS Compliant



Paynet Payment Services Provider LLC

P.O. Box 392589
Dubai, UAE

E-mail: sales@paynet.one
Phone: +971 4 425-77-37

Customer support
E-mail: support@paynet.one

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